“The Nando’s journey started centuries ago when the Portuguese set sail for the East”. That what inspires the brand PERI PERI brand.

What makes this brand different?

Peri-peri is the “heart and soul” of Nando’s story.

Nando’s Restaurant specializes in serving peri-peri grilled chicken flavor with pepper spice. The look and feel of all Nando’s Restaurants across the world is very unique and appealing. Through their physical appearanc, the brand communicates their roots, where it all began and what inspired the establishment of the brand.

Steps taken in Positioning Nando’s brand

  • Understanding the Content

Nando’s message has always been clear and consistent. They have positioned themselves as the peri-peri guys, serving grilled chicken not “oil”. They always differentiate themselves from competition. They at some point undertook a campaign at which their message was “oil is meant for your car, not your chicken”.

I have also recently came across one intriguing advert/billboard in one of the restaurant malls in Gaborone, Botswana where Nando’s Restaurant was going through renovation  and they had put an advert that reads “ when the chicken is out chicks will play” which one can speculate was directed to competition on  the open side of the complex. This is a sign of putting your brand ahead of competition in terms of perception and messaging.

  • What makes Nando’s different?

In a competitive business world, any organization/company need to constantly examine their products and services to better serve customers. Product differentiation and positioning are key parts of a company’s strategy and are necessary to keep ahead of competition. The incorporation of attributes, such as quality or price, into a product to encourage the intended customers to perceive it as different and desirable and how one provide their product or service brand identification in the market are vital traits of a successful brand (Brand Positioning and differentiation).


Nando’s is stable in their recipe across all their restaurants all over the world, inspired by the Portuguese Explorer, The restaurant specializes in Portuguese styled chicken dishes with peri-peri marinades

  • Communicating the Difference

Nando’s clearly communicates their product offer and how different they are to their competition. The message is about grilled chicken which is meant to burn fat. They are somehow promoting healthy lifestyle. They do not only communicate that but also emphasize on their flavor, peri-peri chicken which makes it different from competition.

From Temporal (2002: 37-49) and Senguta’s (2005: 76-107) list of positioning strategies that are available for use to differentiate and position a brand, Nando’s has considered the below;

Corporate Identity

 Strong brand name and appealing colours have been incorporated in the Nando’s brand. The logo also is based on the roaster of Barceló’s hence it has a meaning on what inspires the brand. The font used by Nando’s is equally appealing and very unique.


Their recipe is very unique. Some competition have tried it before and dismally failed to copy.

Usage, time and application

Nando’s is about chicken but not just any other chicken but flamed grilled peri-peri chicken. The brand has positioned itself as the number one chicken fast food restaurant offering healthy lifestyle. 

Nando’s has at some point named one of the world’s 30 hottest brands across the globe. All the accolades are a true reflection of a successful positioning and differentiation statements of Nando’s Restaurant. It is about healthy lifestyle. A brand determined to lead the pack…


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